An article regarding one of NAPF’s co-founders and a past Director Ted Wright, appeared in the January 2019 edition of the Wholesaler.  The article was written by a long time friend and former business associate, John Martin.  To read full article click here

Ted retired (again) in 2012. His impact during his more than 57 years in this vital piping business industry cannot be denied. The associated he founded and was an active member of for 35 years — 22 of those years as the executive director — has continued to be a force in the industry. If you know anything about this type of pipe fabrication business, growing from a mere five members from the get-go to more than 25 members today across the country says volumes. 

Life gives us all twists and turns as we grow in this world. Most all are unexpected, I suppose, but how we handle them makes us what we are in life.

Recently my wife and I were house guests of Ted and Terry in Oklahoma City. We enjoyed great food and wine while we recalled with laughter and tears of joy over our years of friendship. I’m honored to call Ted Wright my friend — and to tell the industry about his incredible life.

I’ll leave you with Ted’s favorite saying, “Better to be a has been than a never was!